Frequently asked questions about Print Lab:

1. Can I print photos even if they aren't taken with Hipstamatic?

We think Hipstamatic prints are one of a kind (biased we know), but you can definitely upload any photo that's saved on your computer, whether it was originally taken on your phone with Hipstamatic, posted to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or shot with a DSLR. Simply save your photo to your computer, and upload it to Print Lab.

2. I want to purchase something in time for Christmas. When is the last day I can order so it's delivered on time?

Each product will display estimated shipping dates. Please confirm before placing your order on the Order Confirmation and Shipping page.

3. I live in the UK. Can I purchase products from Print Lab?

Paper & Analog Collection are shipping worldwide. Home & Travel Collections currently ship to US. UK and International Shipping Coming early 2013.

PrintLab by Hipstamatic

PrintLab Mobile is coming soon, until then check out the lab on your laptop or in Hipstamatic for all the action.

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